Sunday, December 31, 2006

Challenge #2 Method List (Please Update)

So following up on Yuki's proposal for Challenge #2 here is a list of methods we must use at least once in our script. Other restrictions are that we cannot use any other methods than the ones given. The goal should be to make the most useful/interesting/fun script using all the methods. Before the Challenge begins we should all contribute a method or two we'd like to use.

note *methods are built in commands and can be accessed by going to help - plugin - rhinoscript (in folder called methods)*

Method List for Challenge #2 (Maximum of 10)

Rhino.AddSrfPoint (Sky)
Rhino.GetPointOnSurface (Sky)

Rhino.CurveLength (Yuki)
Rhino.ScaleObject (Yuki)
Rhino.DivideCurve (Yuki)